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Home with Central Mortgage Funding Embrace the value and beauty of Georgia, where the dream of homeownership is within reach thanks to the state’s generous land offerings. Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant botany, the bustling festivals, prestigious universities, or the booming tech sector in cities like Atlanta, Augusta, and Columbus, Georgia is a state of endless opportunities for career growth, networking, and housing investments.

Feeling the call of the Peach State? Central Mortgage Funding is here to assist you in making it your home. Start your mortgage application now, and soon you’ll be holding a pre-approval letter as you tour your potential new home!

Already a proud Georgia homeowner? We’re also experts in mortgage refinancing.

Georgia Mortgage Rates and Trends

Since 2020, national mortgage rates have hit all-time lows due to COVID-19, allowing many Americans to benefit from lower borrowing costs.

Georgia’s mortgage rates have been in line with this trend, although we’ve seen gradual increases recently. However, rates are still relatively low by historical standards, making it a prime time to consider a free mortgage review. With Central Mortgage Funding, a lower interest rate could lead to substantial monthly savings.

Your mortgage rate depends on several factors, including your credit score and debt-to-income ratio. Our experts are dedicated to customizing a loan program that suits your individual needs. Explore our range of Georgia home mortgages, including FHA, VA, Conventional, USDA, and more, as we guide you towards the best options.

Down Payment Assistance

Georgia home buyers may be eligible for down payment assistance. If you’re looking to purchase a home in Georgia, allow us to help you understand the various options and grants* available.

Don’t forget to inquire about:

  • Dream Makers Grant
  • Forgivable and non-forgivable second mortgages
  • First-time home buyer incentives
  • Closing cost assistance
  • Tax credits

*Please note that the actual assistance amount may vary based on the purchase city, credit score, and other financial requirements. Down payment assistance programs are city and/or state initiatives, not funded by Central Mortgage Funding. A homebuyer education course may be required before applying.

Talk to our mortgage consultants today about funding options!

Refinancing Your Mortgage

  • Is your monthly mortgage payment or interest rate higher than you’d like?
  • Are you dealing with high-interest debt?
  • Or are you aiming to be mortgage-free sooner?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, now is the perfect time for a free mortgage review with our Georgia mortgage consultants. Discover the benefits of mortgage refinancing, which could lead to savings of up to $1,000 a month. With Central Mortgage Funding, you have the flexibility to choose a loan term that’s right for you, starting at ten years.

Why Central Mortgage Funding?

As a national mortgage lender, Central Mortgage Funding is committed to making homeownership affordable. We offer competitive mortgage rates without any upfront fees. Our dedicated mortgage consultants are focused on customizing the right loan program to meet your financial goals. Most of the lending process can be completed online, providing you with a faster and more convenient experience.

We believe in building more than just transactions. We’re always here to answer any mortgage-related questions post-closing and can assist with refinancing for better rates or cash-out options. We’re excited to embark on this lifelong relationship with you!

Building Your Home Loan Together

Connect with a Georgia mortgage consultant at Central Mortgage Funding by calling (833) 302-1032. We specialize in customizing any loan in the industry to fit your needs, ensuring the best service, lowest rates, and quickest closings. Let us show you how simple the process of mortgage refinancing or purchasing a new home can be!

Central Mortgage Funding is an Equal Housing Lender; License #1699966.

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